University of Wisconsin–Madison

PLSS Survey Forum

Mark your calendar to attend the free plsS Forum, “this land is your land”, on thursday, April 18th!

Join us for a free, day-long forum entitled “This Land is Your Land” about the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) in Wisconsin.

The Forum includes lunch and a field trip where we will walk to a nearby PLSS Corner and experience hands-on surveying equipment both old and new.

The objective of the forum is to learn about the importance of maintaining an accurate, up-to-date PLSS network and will be especially interesting to County Board members, County Land Information Council members, and government decision-makers, as well as students, GIS professionals, and the general public.

When: Thursday, April 18th from 9am to 3pm
Where: Lafayette County Multi-Purpose Building, 11974 Ames Road, Darlington, WI

The event is free and open to the public. Please Register Here by April 12th.

The PLSS serves as the framework for property ownership in Wisconsin. Without a properly maintained network of PLSS corner monuments, there is an increased risk of property disputes, inequitable taxation, disagreements about resource rights, confusion over easement locations, and unnecessary expenditures by private citizens and local governments.


Click here for a printable flyer.


This event is sponsored by the State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) at UW-Madison.

The event was organized by the PLSS Work Group. This group was formed by individuals and organizations in Wisconsin to advocate and advance the purpose and importance of the Public Land Survey System. Our goal is to educate and encourage State, County and Municipal agencies in improving, advancing and maintaining the Public Land Survey System statewide.

For additional details, please contact either Brenda Hemstead,  or Howard Veregin.  So that we can plan ahead, we ask attendees to please register in advance. Please Register Here.